Spray Foam Insulation Going Green


It’s now time to look to the future and “green” your building. The numerous advantages of this type of environmentally friendly insulation and roofing material beat many other competitors. The manufacturing is green friendly plus efficient enough to form a long lasting durable seal that will prevent heat and cooling loss up to 80 percent.

People do not realize that small holes and cracks in walls can result in heaters and air conditioners having to work harder to keep the desired temperatures. With high energy bills costing you a big chunk in your budget, any means of saving should be considered. Insulation is certainly the forefront in this and should you already have investigated some alternatives you will find our spray foam insulation manufacture; green friendly and ultimately efficient. J.J.D. Urethane is proud to offer Soy based polyurethane foam. Made from Soy beans and other renewable resources.

Dwindling energy sources and high prices of heating oil and gas mean that everyone should make the extra effort to save energy by any means possible.

A massive 17 percent of the energy used in Canada is for heating of homes and if people considered more efficient means of insulation like what we can supply you, imagine the huge difference it could make. In order to save energy there are now a variety of rebates offered to builders and home owners, and you can start by choosing spray foam insulation manufactured green to save your energy; that will go a long way in your budget. The long term return on your budget by having this insulation in your home or building will result in thousands of dollars saved. With more and more people becoming environmentally conscious the end result will be that we can protect the planet for our children and generations to come.